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Happy Joe’s Webathon Set 2013

joe canzano

Actually, this photo was taken at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ

If you’ve got 32 minutes of your life that you don’t really need, you might want to listen to the entire Happy Joe Spondylitis Benefit set right here:

Some people were smart enough to prerecord their unplugged acoustic set and send it to Lazlo, meaning they could get it as perfect as they wanted it to be. Then there were people like me, who decided to record it live in Lazlo’s living room. I was actually happy with most of it. It’s real and pure and virile like only one man and a guitar can be. So check it out. Here’s the set list:

Good Time
Watching The News
See You Again
Song For The Next War
First Day Of Spring
Freedom To Die
Organized Religion
Boat Going Down
Last Bullet
Satan’s Phone Number
Song For A Musician

Lazlo’s Spondylitis Webathon

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Lazlo is trying hard to cure spondylitis. And how is a guy with absolutely no medical knowledge whatsoever doing this? With an amazing “webathon” that benefits the Spondylitis Association of America.

There are over 60 bands playing in this benefit, and you can hear the whole thing on the comfort of your own computer. It involves three different websites playing acoustic sets from local indie musicians all weekend long.

Here are your three big chances to hear Happy Joe:

October 18, Friday 7:35 p.m. EST –
October 19, Saturday 3:50 p.m. –
October 20, Sunday 9:15 p.m. –

It’s all prerecorded, so you’ll hear the same thing three times. I see that on Sunday we’re competing with Boardwalk Empire, which is pretty bad for those guys at HBO, right?

You can see the complete list of performers and times here:

If you make a small donation, you’ll receive a digital download compilation album featuring many of the bands, including a special live version of Happy Joe singing “Song For The Next War.”

If you’ve never heard this song, here is a link to the video—>”Song For The Next War.”

The video is a little disturbing, but then again so is the average war.

Please check out the event and donate some money.

Happy Joe on Bandcamp

The Latest Thing

The Latest Thing

Happy Joe is now on Bandcamp. Click here and see.

Bandcamp is the latest place on the internet for finding/selling music, kind of like MySpace, ReverbNation, Facebook, and all those other sites no one visits anymore. Uh, you can “like” Happy Joe right here.

Bandcamp is pretty simple, at least for now. I’m not crazy about the name because it sounds like a hangout for 13-year-olds. I have no memories of being thirteen, but I’m sure I hated it.

Internet Anger



The scariest part of the internet has to be the comments following any news story.

Here is the inevitable breakdown of the comments you’ll find after any article posted to a news site:

1. Someone will ask, “Why is this news?” Meanwhile, he read the whole story, which pretty much answers his question.

2. Someone will point out a misplaced semicolon and make a sarcastic remark about the site’s inability to get everything perfect – because, you know, the “semicolon cop” never makes a mistake on his job, and the proliferation of a deadly plague or whatever is far less important than his vast knowledge of grammar.

3. Someone will make a political comment about the story, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with politics. Somehow, an article about the best way to frost a cake will be turned into a debate over healthcare or guns or the latest war.

4. Did I say “debate”? Actually, the thread will quickly deteriorate into a bunch of juvenile insults revealing the real problem with democracy – too many selfish, ignorant imbeciles.

There are lots of angry people out there using internet message boards to express the epic failure of their small lives. Would they say any of these things to an opponent’s face? Probably not. But it’s so easy to be a tough guy when you’re hiding behind your computer screen, and it’s so easy to be a snide, smirking spectator who laughs along with it.