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Happy Joe’s Webathon Set 2013

If you’ve got 32 minutes of your life that you don’t really need, you might want to listen to the entire Happy Joe Spondylitis Benefit set right here: Some people were smart enough to prerecord their unplugged acoustic set … Continue reading

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Long Live Lou

Lou Reed is dead. I feel sad. Long live Lou.

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Lazlo’s Spondylitis Webathon

Lazlo is trying hard to cure spondylitis. And how is a guy with absolutely no medical knowledge whatsoever doing this? With an amazing “webathon” that benefits the Spondylitis Association of America. There are over 60 bands playing in this benefit, … Continue reading

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Happy Joe on Bandcamp

Happy Joe is now on Bandcamp. Click here and see. Bandcamp is the latest place on the internet for finding/selling music, kind of like MySpace, ReverbNation, Facebook, and all those other sites no one visits anymore. Uh, you can “like” … Continue reading

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Internet Anger

The scariest part of the internet has to be the comments following any news story. Here is the inevitable breakdown of the comments you’ll find after any article posted to a news site: 1. Someone will ask, “Why is this … Continue reading

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Grace Potter and the Nocturnals in NJ

Jill and I went to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at the NJ State Theater the other night. Grace has a voice that will make your head explode, along with lots of awesome rock and roll songs. She’s also … Continue reading

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Music Capital Of The World

If you’ve ever been in a band, you will totally understand why it’s perfectly normal to want to kill at least one band member. If you’ve never been in a band, it doesn’t matter – just know that I’m telling … Continue reading

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The Cambridge Inn

I went to the Cambridge Inn in Spotswood, NJ, the other night to see “O’Neil and Martin,” a great singer/songwriting duo also known as Tom Martin and Jeanne O’Neil. They sounded great, as always. Check their web site to see … Continue reading

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Mondays Are Murder

Akashic Books, the coolest independent book publisher in the world, is going to publish a short story I submitted to their online series, “Mondays Are Murder.” They publish one of these flash fiction stories every Monday, and I’ve been reading … Continue reading

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Big Update

I’ve made some updates to That’s the big news. Of course, it’s not that big because the updates are small. The main difference is that there is no more “NEWS” page. Maybe I got tired of not having any … Continue reading

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