A True Story About Bricks



A guy told me about his crime. It happened years ago. He wanted to get rid of a pile of bricks in his backyard, so he loaded them into the trunk of his car and took them over to a shopping mall in New Jersey. The parking lot of the mall was surrounded by woods, and in the woods were some picnic tables and a few barbecue grills.

The guy pulls the car up under a tree, near a picnic table, and he starts unloading the bricks. He’s planning to leave them there in a pile. He’s got half of them unloaded when a cop driving through the parking lot spots him. The cop parks his car, gets out, and starts walking over.

The guy is thinking, “Oh, crap. I’m gonna get busted for ‘dumping.’”

The cop looks at the pile of bricks on the ground and then at the bricks in the guy’s trunk.

The cop frowns. “Hey, what are you doing?” he says.

“Hello officer, I was just—”

“You can’t take those bricks.”


“You heard me! You can’t take those bricks. You have to put them back.”

“Oh. Right—I understand. Sure, I’ll do that!”

The cop watches as the guy unloads the rest of the bricks. The guy drives home and the cop drives off.

The bricks are probably still there.

4 thoughts on “A True Story About Bricks

    1. happyjoe Post author

      Thanks. I do have some bricks in the garage, but I want to keep them. I’m building a fort so we can survive for at least three weeks after the apocalypse.

    1. happyjoe Post author

      I think this only works in Jersey, Dave. In Florida, they’ll probably just shoot you.

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