Back at Cafe Improv

happy joe canzano at cafe improv

Happy Joe at Cafe Improv on April 19, 2014

Happy Joe will be playing at Cafe Improv this Saturday night!

Cafe Improv is a great place. Once a month, they have a show they call a “cabaret.” Don’t get the wrong idea – no one is playing any George Gershwin songs. Actually, someone might be, but it won’t be us. You’ll see a variety of music (I believe there are eight different acts) that each play for about 20 minutes. It’s a great time and it only costs a few dollars. It’s also broadcast live on local cable TV.

Bill and I will go on at 9:10 p.m. You can read all the details here.

This show is all acoustic, so don’t expect any loud electric guitars. Bill will be playing a crazy instrument called a cajon. It looks like a box with a hole in the middle. I will be playing a guitar, which is also a box with a hole in the middle. So just look for the guy with the box.

Cafe Improv is at 102 Witherspoon Street in Princeton, NJ. There are some good places to eat in Princeton. There’s also a university. Come hear some music! Come have some food! Come pick up a college degree!

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