I had a dream that I wrote a bunch of blog posts. One of the posts was about the band KISS. Gene Simmons told me if the post made any money I had to give him a cut.

Dreams are often confusing. Supposedly, they reflect things that are happening in a person’s life.

I dreamed I was gliding across a lake on a board. Then I started drowning, and I woke up coughing my brains out. I don’t know what that was about, but luckily the bed was dry.

What is the past tense of “dream.” Is it “dreamt” or “dreamed?” Actually, both are correct.

It is not necessary to have perfect grammar in a dream.

By the way, Happy Joe will be playing at Cafe Improv in Princeton on April 19. Check back for details.

6 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. bill bonner

    I’m not able to read the caption under the pic, Joe – it’s electronic gibberish.

    Co-incidentally, I’m reading a book on lucid dreaming (and how to do it) and have become reacquainted with the word oneironauts – ones who travel through dreams on their own volition – and I thought that your gliding on water was a twist on the concept.

    Dreams are one of those cool, more to be explored, realms of consciousness.

    1. happyjoe Post author

      Thanks for reading, Bill. THe caption says “If you can read this you owe me ten dollars.” I’ve viewed it on various web browsers and it seems to be okay. You might want to upgrade your 1986 Atari computer.

  2. Ben Walker

    I had a Kiss single, just because of the crazy make-up probably. I’ll be wishing you well from the old country on the day of your gig in Princeton.

    1. happyjoe Post author

      Thanks, Ben. Is it really the “old country” when you go back there every six weeks? It’s more like the “other country.”

  3. David Gittlin

    I’d love to be an expert dream analyst. I’d love to tell you in intricate detail what your dreams are about. Wouldn’t that be helpful? Maybe not.

    The dream about gliding on the lake and then crashing, I feel, comes from a very deep part of the person we know as Happy Joe. Here’s my amateur analysis:

    There are times when our lives flow along–we are on a roll. Then the flow ends, and we hit a wall, or fall out of the sky into a lake and have to learn anew how to swim. It’s like what you recently told me about the story you are working on. You have to find the thread of what happens next.

    I’m always like, “Well shit, why does the flow have to end?” But it doesn’t work like that.

    1. happyjoe Post author

      Thanks for the insight, Dave. It sounds pretty good to me. I’ve sometimes considered the possibility that luck is a tangible thing that exists in another dimension, and it has currents and rivers, and sometimes we get caught in them. So maybe your theory is correct.Maybe you should turn pro!

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