Flash Fiction 1

The old man sat up in the bed, staring at the smooth blankets on the other side. His mind echoed with the sharp words of the diagnosis, and he smiled. He would be with her again soon, and his mind drifted like a balloon as worry dropped away. There would be no more regrets. There would be no more thinking about things that might have been.

4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction 1

  1. David Gittlin

    Wow, you said so much in so few words, but I don”t get the connection to the accompanying image. Sounds like the guy is looking forward to joining his wife in the great beyond, but lightning doesn’t suggest that place to me.

    1. happyjoe Post author

      Thanks, Dave. You should give the “flash fiction” thing a try. Let’s just say it’s a lot less time consuming than writing a novel.
      The image of the lightening is in reference to the word “flash” – not to the story. Maybe I’ll pick a different image, ha.

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