Girls And Guitars

I notice a lot of guys playing games on their phones and computers. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you won’t meet a lot of girls in the middle of digital combat, even if you obliterate all the zombies and steal the most cars and capture the Magic Twinkie on top of Mount Doom or whatever.

So what should a guy do? Why not try playing a musical instrument? Look what it did for the guy in the video below – and no kidding, he’s only playing two chords.

6 thoughts on “Girls And Guitars

    1. happyjoe Post author

      Hey Larry! What’s up? I hope you’re doing great. Yeah, it’s an awesome scene. I always thought the thing between him and the girl was the best part of the movie. Once they got together, she kind of dropped out of the story, and that was too bad. She was the best thing in the movie.

    1. happyjoe Post author

      Hey Dave, I’m reading your book and it’s great.
      I liked “Stranger than Fiction,” but I thought the best part was the “boy meets girl” thing and once that happened the rest of it seemed anti-climactic, at least for me.

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