Happy Joe on WRSU’s Overnight Sensations

happy joe canzano on blowupradio.com

May 17 10pm WRSU

Happy Joe will be playing live on WRSU’s famous “Overnight Sensations” show on May 17th. I know what you’re going to say – “I don’t get that station.” Well, yes you do, because like most modern radio stations WRSU is also on the internet. So if you live anywhere on planet Earth, you can listen. And you don’t need an account or a password or anything. You can hear it very easily RIGHT HERE.

Bill and I are pretty excited about this because we both listen to WRSU regularly. In fact, I’ve been listening to this very show since back when Brian Bruden was on there talking about local music as well as his various adventures. The show is currently being run by Geoff Pape and Lia Wilderman, who are doing a terrific job broadcasting two solid hours of great music every week.

So tune in on Friday, May 17th at 10pm. I don’t know exactly when we’ll be on, but it’s all good so be there.

You can vist Overnight Sensations on Facebook right here

8 thoughts on “Happy Joe on WRSU’s Overnight Sensations

    1. happyjoe Post author

      Cool! Hope everything’s great with you. Maybe I’ll do a couple more reps tomorrow!

  1. ben walker

    I heard nearly all of it, I think. Could have heard more of your beautiful singing voice but on the upside it’s good that you had some backing from Bill. The Acoustic Punk lives on! (right, now time for my nightly romcom…)

    1. happyjoe Post author

      Thanks for listening, Ben. What is a “romcom?” I hope it’s something fun.

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