4 comments on “I Just Want To Have Fun

    • Thanks for your comment, Ben. Since I had no idea what a “boffin” was, and since I assumed no one who speaks American English will have any idea either, I took the liberty of googling the term and placing the definition below.

      “A boffin is British slang for a scientist, engineer, or other person engaged in technical or scientific work.”

      So now we now. Maybe I’ll go eat some bangers and mash in a pork pie hat – does that make sense? Of course not.

  1. Interesting Post, Joe. I’m totally on board with your statement: “I suspect the kids were just having fun. Maybe people work better that way.”

    I used to watch “The Dobie Gillis Show” in the early sixties. Dobie had a beatnick friend named Maynard G. Crebs. Anytime Maynard heard the word “work” he had a minor seizure. I can relate to that.

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