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  1. This is brilliant, and funny (as usual.) BTW–I thought it was proper to put the period inside the parenthesis but it seems this rule has changed, or I was wrong in the first place. What’s the right way to do it?

    • Thanks, Dave. I believe the period goes on the outside in the USA, but I think the British do it your way. Of course the British also turn into drunken maniacs when they watch soccer while we tend to fall asleep, so who’s to say what’s best? I hope your writing is going well.

      • I’ll get a Kindle ONLY when I can read Happy Joe’s e-books on it. That’s if I haven’t turned into a drunken maniac. My other half says you can only read stuff on it which you’ve bought on amazon, which seems well dodgy.

        • Ben, I really can’t picture you becoming a maniac. You’re too calm, and there are no calm maniacs. Yes, you can only buy Amazon’s stuff, but Amazon sells everything. In fact I just ordered a 50 gallon garbage can from Amazon. I originally bought it at Home Depot but after many failed attempts to wrestle the maw-faced monstrosity into my Honda Civic I had to take it back into the store for a refund. And now Amazon will deliver it right to my door – oh, baby! Am I getting old? Obviously, since I’m excited about the delivery of an oversized plastic trash container.

  2. Cute, Joe – hmmm – wonder what the origin of the name ‘Kindle’ might be – ominous association with Farenheit 451 :-)

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