Notes From Hurricane Sandy

hurricane sandy


Social media during a natural disaster can be irritating, especially when it shows comments from far away people who live where things are still wonderful. Let me put this another way: People with no heat or electricity really don’t give a crap how many Snickers bars your kid collected on Halloween.

Hurricane Sandy has taught me a few things about perspective. When California is swallowed by an epic earthquake, I will not send tweets concerning the great time we’re having in New Jersey on Arbor Day because I know that someone gasping for life while pinned beneath the remains of a fallen skyscraper will not care about pictures of the cute little maple tree some Girl Scout planted in Grandma’s backyard – oh, it’s so leafy and green! LOL! 

Here’s an actual exchange between an EMS worker and a NJ Driver:

EMS GUY: “I’m sorry, sir, you can’t go through the blockade. There’s a sparking power line on the road.”

NJ DRIVER: “What are you talking about? Do you know who I am?  I have a business over there, and I have a gigantic SUV, and I’m stuffed full of pork roll and donuts, and it’s all about ME, ME, ME, because I PAY TAXES GOD DAMMIT!”

(Okay, this was not the driver’s actual response. This is an embellished response based upon my knowledge of the dumb-ass population. The driver’s actual response was, “I’m friends with the mayor.”)

EMS GUY: “Is the mayor going to keep you from getting electrocuted?”

NJ DRIVER: “Uh, duh, uh, duh, uh, doh. Maybe not.”

EMS GUY: “Go home.”

NJ DRIVER: “Right.”

I won’t bore you with my hurricane adventure involving a bottle of wine and a runaway trampoline. Maybe next time.

Electricity, I love you.

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